Entry VISA to Japan

Anyone entering Japan must have a valid passport. In addition, participants from particular countries must have a visa issued by Japanese Embassy or Consulate Generals in their countries. Consult your local Japanese Embassy or Consulate Generals as to whether or not a visa is required. It could sometimes take more than a month to obtain a visa.

For general information on visas, visit the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at:

The Secretariat can issue a letter of invitation and necessary documents upon request to those who need a visa. In order to issue an invitation letter, participants must complete the registration beforehand.

Download the form for "VISA Questionnaire" and make sure to type all the blanks. After you fill out the form, send it to the secretariat by E-mail to


1. A letter of invitation will be issued after registration and payment are completed.
2. The letter of invitation for VISA application does not provide any financial support.