Invited Speakers

Dr. Lawrence Chen, McGill University, Canada
“Photonic integrated circuits for microwave photonics applications”

Dr. Andreas Beling, University of Virginia, USA
“High-power photodiodes for analog applications”

Dr. Cyril Renaud, University College London, UK
“Photonic integration for mm-wave and THz systems”

Dr. Mehdi Alouini, University of Rennes 1, France
“Bridging the gap between THz and microwave photonics through optoelectronic interleaved comb generation”

Dr. Gabriella Cincotti, University Roma Tre, Italy
“OFDM to OTDM Conversion by Fractional Fourier Transform”

Dr. Christina Lim, University of Melbourne, Australia
“OFDM with Digitized Transport for High Capacity Fiber-Wireless Links”

Dr. Sang Soo-Lee, ETRI, Korea
“Future-proof optical-mobile access network based on integration of PON with RoF technologies”

Dr. Fumiyuki Adachi, Tohoku University, Japan
“Wireless Optical Convergence Enables Spectrum-Energy Efficient Wireless Networks”

Dr. Toshiyuki Ando, Mitsubishi Electric, Japan
“Optical coherent beam control based on microwave photonics technologies”