Information for Presenters/Chairpersons

Information for Presenters

For Oral Presenters

All speakers are requested to check in at General Information Desk at least 1 hour before their respective session starts.

Time assignments for each session category are as follows:
Plenary: 45 min. (including Q&A)
Invited: 30 min. (including Q&A)
Regular: 15 min. (including 5 min. Q&A)

•All the presenters are asked to submit their PowerPoint slides at operators desk inside the session room 30 min. prior to the session starts.
•PC presentation only (No OHP or film slides are accepted).
•Secretariat will prepare PC with Microsoft OS installed. If presentation slides are prepared with Macintosh, please bring your own Macintosh and RGB connector.
•PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010 are pre-installed in the secretariat PC.
•If your presentation contains movie files, please embed the movie file(s) into the PowerPoint file, and stored in the same folder. Make sure that you check the operation of the movie image beforehand. DVD players or Video Decks are not prepared by the secretariat.

For Poster Presenters

Set Up
Poster No. (ODD)
Poster No. (EVEN)
21st Oct. (Tue.)

Poster Presentations :

Poster Presentations are a free discussion style. Each presenter is asked to be at their poster(s) 10 minutes prior to the allocated discussion time. Please stay near your poster until the designated time is over. No chairperson is assigned for the poster session, and participants are free to view the posters and to discuss with presenters during the allocated time.

Preparation of your Poster :

The poster should be a visual presentation of your submitted abstract. The poster should look visually appealing, easy to read and contain key information about your project or research.

1) Poster size
The size of the poster panel is W900mm x H2100mm (W35inch x H82inch).
Please prepare your posters to fit in this size. The size of poster is recommended to be within W900mm x H1600mm to make it easy to read. Each presenter is responsible for preparing their posters with the title, name(s) of author(s) and institution(s).
The Secretariat will prepare the poster panel and pins, as well as the poster number. Please do not use any tapes or sticky materials to post your poster(s).

2) If necessary, please prepare the slip with your presentation title, name(s) of author(s), and institution(s) to fit in the upper right of the poster panel (W700mm x H200mm).
If your poster contains the information of authors and title, you may not need to prepare the title slip.

Information for Chairpersons

All chairpersons are requested to check in at General Information desk at least 15 minutes before their respective session starts.